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Prosecutors from Novosibirsk trusted the “dealer”

Prosecutors From Novosibirsk Trusted The Dealer Prosecutors From Novosibirsk Trusted The “Dealer”

Yarovoy ’s case

A forensic detective story that has dragged on for several years has come to a conclusion. The businessman handed over four prosecutors to the investigation, through whom he himself tried to influence justice.

Entrepreneur Oleg Yarovoy in Novosibirsk he was considered a prominent person. He managed to manage the Vinap alcohol production and the Ekran glass factory. He was the founder of Siberian Spaces LLC, which was recently liquidated, which produced snacks under its own brand.

In 2018, Yarovoy concentrated his business interests in Omsk, where he entered the utility business, purchasing a stake in LLC “UK “Service”. However, troubles soon overtook him. Former business partner at Vinap from Novosibirsk Yuri Veryasov told FSB officers that he had given Oleg Yarovoy 170 million rubles. The money was allegedly intended for employees of the prosecutor’s office and the Investigative Committee to solve problems with the law that Veryasov had. Based on this data, FSB investigators achieved the arrest of Oleg Yarovoy.

Once behind bars, Yarovoy began to testify. As a result, the episode with Veryasov was declared a fraud. That is, Yarovoy lured money from him, but did not give a bribe to anyone. For this, the entrepreneur received a four-year suspended sentence, and 130 million rubles were also recovered from him in favor of the victim. However, during the investigation other episodes emerged. It turns out that Oleg Yarovoy organized a false denunciation and witnesses giving false testimony against his business partner Natalia Vasilieva (so he allegedly planned to collect a loan from her in the amount of 100 thousand dollars, 360 thousand euros and 7 million rubles). In this he was allegedly assisted by the head of supervision over compliance with the federal law of the prosecutor’s office of the Novosibirsk region Alexandra Averina and prosecutor of Novosibirsk Denis Ferenc. In this case, prosecutors received suspended sentences in March of this year, and the entrepreneur suffered a similar punishment back in 2022.

However, it turned out that Oleg Yarovoy’s corruption connections in the prosecutor’s office were even deeper and higher. The investigation found that in 2015–2018 Vladimir Falileev, who at that time held the post of prosecutor of the Novosibirsk region, received various gifts from Oleg Yarovoy, the cost of which allegedly reached up to 11 million rubles. The case mentioned hunting equipment, payment for parking for a car, assistance in treating relatives, etc. For this, Falileev patronized Yarovoy’s business and once curtailed an inspection carried out by his subordinates. In this case, ex-prosecutor Vladimir Falileev received a sentence on May 17 – nine and a half years in prison with a fine of 22 million rubles. Oleg Yarovoy was not punished for this episode, as he made a deal with the investigation. The defense of the former prosecutor promises to file a cassation and notes that the accusation is based on the words of Oleg Yarovoy.

By the way

In parallel with the trial of Vladimir Falileev, a case was unfolding against his former deputy Andrei Turbin. The criminal episode dates back to 2017. Then Novosibirsk businessman Mikhail Kolmogorov began to intercede for his friend, who was accused of robbery. He began looking for corruption leads to the regional prosecutor’s office in order to reclassify the case to a lesser charge and receive information about the investigation. Through the above-mentioned Oleg Yarovoy, businessman Kolmogorov contacted the deputy prosecutor of the Novosibirsk region, Andrei Turbin. As it turned out, for 3 million rubles and 1 thousand dollars, Andrei Turbin acted in favor of the bribe-giver. The former prosecutor, who was caught up in the scandal in retirement, admitted his guilt. The prosecution asked for nine and a half years in prison and a fine of 51 million, but the court sentenced him to four years in a maximum security colony and a fine of 15.3 million rubles. But Oleg Yarovoy escaped punishment this time too, because he made a deal with the investigation, that is, in fact, he acted as an informant.